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Construction of a triple redundant internet network

Planning and connection of 3 ISPs with laying of fiber optics, copper and telephone wire; Planning, projecting and setting up a company network with multi-WAN, VLAN, VPN, load balancing, QoS, fair sharing, automatic connection failover, multi-AP WIFI and Gigabit Ethernet

Development of an automated ticket generation

Development of software for reading out events in a 3CX telephone system and subsequent processing for the recognition of calls for telephone agents with the associated generation of tickets in a Zendesk ticket system

Migration of a large company into the cloud

Conception and implementation of a migration of a major customer (> 500 employees) to the cloud; Restructuring of the local infrastructure in the form of a terminal solution to a Modern Workplace Microsoft 365 solution; Training and instruction of employees on an international level in all new cloud products; Development of an adaptation of a local software incl. connection to Azure and Sharepoint Online

Development of a web-based 3D room virtualization

Conception and development of a web-based three-dimensional space virtualization for the documentation of the exhibition in a Berlin museum; Development of a web application and web 3D engine

Development of software for a central infrastructure

Conception and implementation of a common web-based platform for customers, technicians and salespeople; Implementation for live stream reception of image analysis systems; Implementation of a fast support option for technicians through a web-based VNC solution; Implementation of a ticket system; Implementation of a customer database with linking of customer data to the cloud-based alarm management systems

Development of an app to prepare for exams for the fishing test of the state of Brandenburg

Development of a cross compatible app with multiple choice questionnaire and exam simulation

Development of a web-based image streaming solution

Development of a customer portal for viewing live tours through solar parks

Development of a tool for the evaluation of log data

Development of a tool onto Windows desktop for the evaluation of log data from a remote MySQL database and automated export to Excel

Development of an image analysis software

Development of an image analysis software for the intelligent detection of movements in the focus of analog and IP cameras; Reception of video streams in all common formats; Implementation of a new image processing algorithm to differentiate between real and false alarms (person recognition); Support of analog camera frame grabber cards; Implementation of a recording and archiving option; Display of live and archive images; Connection to external hardware, including switch boxes for controlling lights, barriers, gates and intrusion detection systems; Connection to third-party systems for single-line transmission of data; Connection to existing alarm management systems

Development of an interface product for gastronomy & hotel business

Conception and development of an interface product based on a microcomputer (later also as a virtualization solution), with the possibility of administration and configuration via a cloud platform and automated provisioning, for connecting hotel systems, dispensing systems, kitchen monitors and A4 / A5 printers with the existing cash register system; Successful connection incl. validation and certification of several hotel systems such as Oracle Fidelio Suite 8, Oracle OPERA, Protel, Ibelsa, Cubilis, HS / 3, hetras, SIHOT; Successful connection of several dispensing systems such as DIRMEIER, HOGATRON, Grapos and WMF

Development of a plug and play camera solution

Development of a plug and play camera solution with an integrated
motion detection and STUN function for the world market; Conception of a camera with communication via integrated Powerlan; Conception and development of a web interface, an Android and iOS app for viewing and operating the camera; Conception and development of a database for managing users and cameras;

Development of a SharePoint online software loader

Development of software for loading software stored in Sharepoint Online for dynamic use of locally functioning software without dependence on cloud resources during use

Development of an automated planning and accounting system for language courses

Development of an automated planning and accounting system for language courses; Creation of trainers, trainees, training sessions incl. Training Durations and Trainer Fees; Reporting engine incl. various export options for billing, training, revenues and profits;

Development of an inventory management add-on

Development of software for the automated loading of inventory data, descriptions, images and prices from countless wholesalers via various interfaces such as APIs, FTP, WWW, etc .; Automated calculation of a sales price including commission calculation based on existing marketplace sales prices; Automated import of the calculated data into a JTL merchandise management software

Development of a hosting deployment tool

Development of an automated hosting deployment tool for creating web space and databases for end customers when booking these via a website; Automatic creation of a subscription model for an existing financial accounting software; Implementation of a simple CMS system to manage customer and subscription data

Development of an alarm management platform

Conception and implementation of a prototype of a highly scalable, cloud-capable, cross-compatible alarm management software for receiving, displaying and processing alarm images with reporting engine, trigger matrix and the functionality for remote operation of
Image analysis systems; Presentation and training of the software in Europe, America and Africa; Supervision of the global emergency call centers

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