BARNICOM is driving your digitization forward! We digitize your company! We increase your processes, connect your systems and bring you together virtually.

Digitization increases your efficiency and thus your economic success

All from a single source

We advise and support you holistically and support you on the path to digitization. Stay competitive, offer your customers added value and allow yourself more time when the technology is doing your job. We take care of it.

Computer and Internet

We procure and support you in all topics related to computers, the Internet and other related hardware.

VoIP Telephony

We offer you a smooth, state-of-the-art telephone solution. You can be reached from anywhere as if you were in the office.

Email, calendar and tasks

No matter whether e-mail, calendar or tasks, you can synchronize all daily work with your cell phone, computer and the like.


A homepage is not just a presentation of your own company to the outside world. It means customer acquisition and customer care.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Automated inventory management and financial accounting regardless of time and place? Let's do it!

Get digital now and be supported with up to 70% funding

Digital funding

Are you ready for digitization? State programs sometimes cover up to 70 percent of the costs. We accompany you on the path of funding and are at your disposal with our IT expertise.