Digital transformation

BARNICOM brings you into the cloud! Use all the advantages of the cloud thanks to the experts at BARNICOM. We accompany you on your way to the cloud right from the start.

Connect employees, locations and data regardless of device

We migrate you into the cloud

Are you already digitized and using the digital local infrastructure? Regardless of whether it is an analog telephone system, Microsoft Terminal Server, VPN Server, Exchange Server, local data storage or local inventory management. We move your data into the cloud. You can then use your usual functions from anywhere at any time.

Monthly manageable and calculable costs

Advantages of the cloud

We’ll find the right method

No matter how, we can do it

We keep hearing the attempt to go into the cloud did fail. We answer the question and do not ask how. Our successful implementations range from pure porting to the complete restructuring of your processes and data. Regardless of whether it is lift & shift, refactoring or full rebuild, we will clear the way for you for the digital future.